Updated MacBook Air وMacBook Pro in preparation for back to school

 Happened to Apple today MacBook Air add the TrueTone to the screen of the Retina that is characterized by the device to give users the experience of watching natural and realistic more, the

With the price reduced to 4699 AED, in addition to special discounts to college students so that they can get the device best,417.35 AED.

Also updated the base class of the MacBook Pro size 13 inch at 5539 AED to include the latest quad-core processors of the third generation, to become the device twice stronger than it was previously. It also includes the device now Touch Bar and Touch ID and Retina display technology, True Tone and a slice of Apple T2 Security, over 5,206.AED 95 for college students.


In addition, the device of my MacBook Air وMacBook Pro enters within the view the back to school provided by Apple, which includes headphones

Top wireless Beats Studio 3 when you buy a notebook from the Mac device iMac meets the requirements.

Very devices notebooks from Mac popularity is unsurpassed among students in university education, thanks to its elegant designs and easy to carry, the screen is Retina, the performance is superior, all day battery life, operating system and macOS, where the data show Journal of Student Monitor to about 60 percent of university students in the United States who buy PC notebooks have a Mac.


Said Tom Boggs, Senior Director Department of marketing the products of Mac at Apple: ”the Mac love college students, it’s a device notebooks which rely on them all the time whether at home or in the classroom, and progress among the devices used by college students. With the display of the MacBook Air at the price of 4,417.AED 35 for students and MacBook Pro size 13 inch faster performance and Touch Bar touch IDبسعر 5,206.AED 95 for students, it is time to take advantage of your Mac at the University.“


Updates in the months devices note book which provided by Apple for students

Features MacBook Air design slim and light and comes in three colors so beautiful, in addition to providing the advantage of Touch ID security, ease in use, and a dual core processor from the third generation, and stereo sound immersive a wide range, battery lasts all day. Now featuring Retina display stunning

Compared to the 13 inch which is enjoyed by the device technology, True Tone that automatically adapts to the temperature of the colors in the screen to provide a more comfortable viewing experience for your eyes.Has been the design of the MacBook Air to accomplish daily tasks, ranging from the use of e-mail and browse the web down to edit photos, all at a lower price, to become your notebook the mass of consumers and students alike.


Featuring MacBook Pro size 13 inch powerful processors, tablets, high-speed SSD, all day battery life, the best screen for your notebook Mac at all, all in a portable design weight does not exceed 1.4 kg.Today, the core category of the MacBook Pro size 13 inch with the latest quad-core processors that offer faster performance up to pressure, Touch Bar, Touch ID and Retina impressive technology, True Tone, a slice of Apple T2 Security, stereo headphones immersive stereo with a wide range, all this at the same price that starts from 5539 AED or 5,206.AED 95 for college students. And with all of these powerful features, it becomes a MacBook Pro the ideal choice for students coming on the stage of University study and who are looking for a netbook gets them hard in their journey to university and beyond.


View back to the schools of the Apple begins today

MacBook Air وMacBook Pro the speakers part of the show back-to-school provided by Apple, which starts today, is available for college students, parents, faculty, staff, and teachers in the home study through the store Apple Education Store. The offer includes headphones Beats eligible when you buy any PC Mac or iPad meets the requirements, in addition to educational discounts on Mac computers and iPad وباقاتAppleCare eligible and accessories and services specific.


macOS Catalina available this autumn

This fall can update the MacBook Air وMacBook Pro free to the Windows operating system macOS Catalina, which is the latest version of the operating system desktop the most sophisticated in the world, and so full with great new features, new apps, new technology powerful for developers. Comes macOS Catalina with the applications of Entertainment, which is famous for its Apple like Apple Music and Apple Podcasts and Apple TV, in addition to the advantage Air-New which enables users to expand the desktop of a Mac through the use of the iPad as a second screen or as an input device HD. As new security features to try to protect users better.

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