Updated or restored your iPhone? What to look for when buying

To determine the status of the iPhone when buying it is often not easy, because many are trying to give the restored device for the new. In addition, there is another type of smartphones – “updated,” which does not fall under this classification. Actually reveal which category your product should not very difficult, you only need to know a couple of subtleties.

How to determine what iPhone restored

Let’s start with the refurbished iPhone. To learn the history of the smartphone, just go to settings (or look on the box if it is available). In the settings and the box indicates the memory capacity, serial number, device model and many more. We are interested in model — to determine the condition of the iPhone (and iPad) for its first letter.

  • M is a new device that is not subjected to exchange or restoration
  • F — restored device
  • N — the owner carried out a replacement under warranty in the service center
  • P — personalized device. This means that when buying it was engraved

If the iPhone was officially restored (and in any other case, the purchase should be abandoned), the number of his models will have the letter “F”. To be afraid of such devices is not worth it — smartphones with marriage problems or return to the factories of Apple’s partners, change the display, casing and other faulty components and return to the sale at a reduced price.

What upgraded iPhone

One problem — restored iPhone on the market now very much. And even if the smartphone has been in the hands of craftsmen, the Apple, not the fact that after this over it doesn’t work craftsmen with radio market. The updated smartphone is not can be restored: it is sold in major retail chains, and then sent the diagnosis to an authorized service center.

The service center is modular repair, that is if the iPhone really is faulty, it is written off and not accept the updates. The process uses only original accessories (such as battery change, if the iPhone has more than 200 cycles charge-discharge). Case smartphones do not change that customers were confident in the originality of the iPhone (well, in order to reduce the final cost of the device).

Unlike remanufactured, refurbished iPhone, you can only buy in one place — in SmartPrice, where the smartphone is assigned to the bottom of the three States. “Good” condition means the presence of minor scratches. “Excellent” — assigned to the mobile when the cover is in almost perfect condition, and internal components work like a clock. A “like new” is perfect condition, it often still covered by the warranty from official service. In any case, SmartPrice still gives warranty (90 days for any breakage).

We are not saying that the restored device with something better or worse to date, simply in the second case, you can be confident in the origin of the iPhone, and that any serious work with them were made. And often updated phones are cheaper — there iPhone 8 in excellent condition can be bought for 25 000 rubles.

What to look for when buying a iPhone

During the inspection of your phone, you need to pay attention to the IMEI converges if the number is on the case (the SIM tray) with the number in the settings (and on the box, if any). To check you can dial *#06#.

The bolts at the bottom (below the corners were not “pinched”) is the first sign that the phone was in repairs. Note that this determination is still difficult, and rely heavily on this trick is not worth it.

Carefully inspect the upper part of the display module, the glass should fit snugly on the upper part of the body. If it’s unstuck, it means the body is deformed or is a display of poor quality.

Test run the camera, flash, recorder, be sure to check the work of compass, Siri (she had a microphone), GPS, LTE. About the availability of an iCloud account will not even talk.

I hope these simple tips will help you get a great smartphone at a great price. To buy the goods at a great discount or bonus programs, it is not necessary to risk your money and choose a small flea market without any reputation.

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