UPDATED: Telegram FSB will give your encryption keys. Or will be blocked

Today in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation held a meeting, which the creators of Telegram messenger was denied in a suit against the FSB, directed in December of last year. The company’s lawyers considered illegal the request of the Russian intelligence services about the provision of keys to decrypt messages. However, the court disagreed.

According to the judge on administrative Affairs Alla Nazarova, the information necessary to decrypt the chat user “is not the information constituting secrecy of correspondence”. Thus, a violation of article of the Russian Constitution on personal data protection has not been established.

If we understand correctly their heads, not disfigured legal education, the court’s decision can be illustrated by the following metaphorical example. The money in your vault belongs to you and your property are guaranteed by law. But if the authorities want to seize the code to the safe, you will not be able to stop them. Only today’s court decision does not apply to physical property, and intellectual content contained in the correspondence.

Based on the verdict, Roskomnadzor has urged Telegram execute it quickly. If within 15 days the developers will not give the FSB the decryption keys, then the organs will take measures to block messenger. This time the story does not look like self-praise Pavel Durov, don’t you think? By the way, our official channel in the Telegram does not require decoding, since it is available to everyone.

UPDATE: a representative of the Telegram Messenger Limited Ramil ahmetgaliev has issued a statement in which he said that the company will challenge the decision of the Supreme court. According to him, the Telegram will do everything possible to keep the secret of correspondence of the users.

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