Updated the keyboard application for Google Gboard on the iOS platform to support haptic feedback

Google gboard-ios

The downside in keyboards Virtual On-Screen is that they lack the same tactile feedback provided by physical keyboards regular. This makes writing them a little difficult and can be annoying if you’re trying to write long. However, if you are a user of Google Gboard on the iOS platform, you should help the latest update to the investigation in improving the typing experience.

Due to the fact that the last update for Google Gboard on the iOS platform adds haptic feedback to the application. Will this update from engine vibration Apple Taptic Engine found in all phones, the iPhone which has been launched since the year 2016, it will also make Google Gboard one of the many applications keyboard key on the iOS platform that will actually tactile feedback. It should be noted that users will be able to choose this option or disable it through the settings menu will not be available for use if you chose to users to disable it.

When this option is enabled, each time users clicked on button, will get a shaking of the simple. The most interesting thing about this feature is that it’s not even available in the virtual keyboard that comes with iOS, just click the audio is available.

But with the support of Google Gboard now for tactile feedback, you can combine it and clicks audible to get the experience to write the best. We hope to push this latest update for the Google Gboard Apple to adopt the same feature in the virtual keyboard in the future.


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