Updates big up package G Suite add spell check on Docs

تحديثات كبيرة تصل حزمة G Suite تضيف التدقيق الإملائي على Docs

Announced Google announced the launch of large updates Pack Service G Suite which comes the benefits of greater protection for users and make communication between them more easily and efficiently. By providing the characteristics of the responses are intelligent in the talks, including the services of artificial intelligence.

The Addendum, most notable in the new update was about spelling when you use the file in Google Docs, i.e. that the service will start to provide suggestions for amendments to the sentences and words to avoid mistakes, as you will those amendments supported by artificial intelligence, so that the service will act in the future on modifications based on the performance of the previous user.

The company also announced the development of an investigative tool, which make responsible for the procurement determines the user has and act on all problems that can appear to them. It also allows the possibility of data transfer with ease from one place to another using the cloud service G Cloud.

This has included the update also feature the responses of smart in the correspondence, so that in case desire even though the person will be some responses when the conversation Fund to choose between them, and replies based on words in the top level of the artificial intelligence techniques developed by Google for years.

تحديثات كبيرة تصل حزمة G Suite تضيف التدقيق الإملائي على Docs

Also included the Update feature private email to users of the G-Suite which is centered around the property to facilitate the writing is on the user, for example when writing a specific message for someone and wanting to come back to write a message similar to the proposal to complete the sentence appears directly to facilitate it, as is the case when writing personal data which be known in advance.

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