Updates to Windows 10 is ready

ويندوز 10

As Microsoft explained, the people who have clicked on the “check for updates” are the ones who know they mistake delete a file of their own on their devices through a Windows Update 10. When you click on the button “check for updates”, and Microsoft is giving you the updates early, so you should have tested the update first.

  • Do not click on” check for updates “ is the best option:

Here’s how defense Microsoft about its performance after you find the problem in the version 1001 from Windows Update 10 in October (October) they deleted some files of persons:

We purposefully each update operation with a view to getting a feature update, we have closely followed the comments before submitting the update on a wider scale. In this case, it was the update available to those who clicked manually on the “check for updates” in Windows Settings.

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In other words, Microsoft is in big updates intentionally slowly to the users of Windows 10, check the problems to ensure its safety before it is published on a wider scale. But if you go at any time to the “settings” menu> Windows Update, then you click “Check for updates”, you’ll say, Microsoft threw this process carefully from the window and install the latest update on your PC without making any other test.

Although we encourage you to wait until you are offered the update on your device, however if you are an advanced user on a version of Windows 10 and want to install Windows Update 10 April 2018 now, you can do so manually to get the updates.

Did you know that? Has Microsoft said essentially that “we encourage you not to click the” check for updates “unless you are an advanced user who wants the update early”.

  • Click “Check for updates” makes you replace the test.

Here’s how to perform an update operation Windows 10:

  1. First, pass the update through “fast” and “slow” in the process of choosing a Windows Insider, where users choose who want in that test throughout the development process and their feedback. (Didn’t notice the Microsoft error reports relating to the deletion of the files, and that’s why it gets center comments on the ratings of the ” severity” so that testers of the mark on the major problems better).
  2. Secondly, passing the update through the loop selecting the “preview version” of the final before making it available to AS level. (Microsoft has to skip this step so that it can be announced Updated November 2018 version during a recent press release.)
  3. Third, once you put a mark on the update on that level, you won’t get it only people who choose to update manually. And Microsoft for these people to work as another option of lab trial version during the use of telemetry in Windows 10 to observe how to perform the update. (Been off Update October 2018 during this phase.)
  4. Fourth, Microsoft slowly download the update to the average Windows user, which ensures its compatibility with the hardware and system software before it is released.

What is Windows 10 in situation S?

  • Why do you say “check for updates” is?!

This will all be fine, except for the part that skips when you click “Check for updates” process of testing safe and organized. But most users of Windows 10 don’t realize this, and that’s a problem.

This change was made in the behavior of the button “check for updates” for the first time using Update April 2018 and continue to update October 2018. But previously, you had to download a tool to “help update” operation to update early. This tool is still available, but now the button “check for updates” it does the same thing.

Think the Windows team clearly that the updates are very stable and can be delivered this way. After all, this makes it easier for users of normal Windows for installation!.

  • You can’t stop the update once it starts

Of course, given the nature of the updates to Windows 10, it does not, you can turn off the Windows Update as soon as you start downloading one of the updates. So, when you click on “check for updates” and starts moving the main event early, there is no button to “excuse me” which will lead to the cancellation of tell Windows 10 waiting and download the update. It will be download and install this update now, whether you like it or not.

The next update for Windows 10 will make your computer faster than before

Sure, you can always refer to the old version of Windows 10 after installing the update. But, as we saw with Update October 2018 Original, may not be good enough – has been deleted the file, anyway.

  • Don’t go to search for updates manually

Here are some tips to avoid search for updates manually:

  1. Don’t go to Settings and then Windows Update and clicking “Check for updates”. Because then Windows will 10 automatically download and install updates you on any case.
  2. You only need to click this button if you want to install updates at a specific time manually. For example, you might want to install the updates while connection faster.

But this only applies to major updates that are made every six months

So, when Microsoft released update October 2018 operating system Windows 10 on October 2, the click the button “check for updates” tell Microsoft you want it immediately, will your computer download it immediately. But if you don’t click on the button check for updates, the Windows Update will change that is tested the update better before you install it on your device.

Of course, once use Update October 2018, would clicking the button to do anything until the update appears next. Which is released once every six months, so expect to see her in the month of April of 2019.

  • Microsoft Please fix!

We hope that Microsoft reconsider this approach. To be the button “settings” which states “install the latest update now” good, but “check for updates” does not indicate that you want the updates have not been tested.

If you can’t add an additional button to the Settings then the screen of Windows Update, you should use the Microsoft account on the tool “space update” downloadable users first instead.

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Updates to Windows 10 is ready

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