Updates up explicitly allow the independence of the bank proposals on selected topics and participate on the networking

تحديثات تصل صراحة تتيح استقبال المصارحات على مواضيع مختارة والمشاركة على شبكات التواصل

Got new updates to serve openly known widely for being offer the advantages of expressing opinions about other people honestly and without knowledge of the owner of a reconciliation, which means to contain the dog on the subject of greater freedom in exchanging views.

صراحة - saraha

While the app was centered around expressing opinions about the same user, the new updates will allow the possibility of the discharge of opinion and reconciliation within the general topics of the person chosen; these topics fall under books, games, Health, movies, places, self-development, sports, and technology. Any that anyone can put a question about one of the previous topics and the reception of sources around.

صراحة - saraha

On the other hand, has been to allow the sharing feature reconciliation, receiving directly on the social networks, i.e., when the independence of the opinion of someone who can comment on it and publish a link to it on the network to allow others access to the link and discussion about it.

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