Updating the iconic acoustics at HARMAN IFA 2018

At the ongoing Berlin IFA 2018 HARMAN is a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics — has introduced several new products, among which there are models that deserve much attention.

All of our novelties presented at the exhibition are more personalized and intelligent products and solutions, designed to entertain and inspire people. On the merits, the company has said though that she has received 53 awards in the field of technology and design on, ready for the next exhibition and conferences, including CES and IF Design World.

Portable new

Of course, the company could not update the devices in the segment, which is particularly popular among music fans, namely, portable speakers.

So, updating the model range has touched the cult of the line JBL Charge, which has already reached the fourth generation of columns.

JBL Charge 4 kept recognizable design, but was heavily modified from a technical point of view. The battery life increased to 20 hours, and charging is now done via a USB Type-C that will improve the compatibility with modern devices and increase the charging rate of the column.

Otherwise, the best performance remained with her. Among them: protection against water according to IP67 standard, the ability to charge devices from the speaker itself and the function Connected JBL+, allowing you to combine more than 100 columns in a single chain.

All this gives the column a full chance to become a real hit among music lovers, but not only this innovation marked the company at the exhibition.

Portable speakers for music lovers
Children also had a surprise for them, the company has prepared speaker system JBL JRPOP.

The orientation is for children emphasizes the design of the column, which is made as strong as possible, and in which there are small parts, can harm to a child.

In order that the little listener was even more interesting, the column is not just playing music, but also shimmers bright LEDs during playback, and for children with imagination, the kit included special stickers to make the column the way you want.

From the technical characteristics it should be noted 5 hours of battery life and protection from water standard IPX7. The connection is made via Bluetooth, and as a source you can bind two devices.

For lovers of noisy parties

Do not forget to HARMAN about the Amateurs noisy parties and presented especially for them two models of speaker systems of high power — JBL PartyBox 200 and 300.

In addition to high power for the most reckless discotheques, acoustics equipped with the system visual effects to enhance the atmosphere of the holiday.

For playback, you can choose not only the wireless transfer via Bluetooth, but also read files from external USB storage device. In addition, is also available for connecting microphone and musical instrument through a private entrance.

If the volume of the speaker is not enough and the soul will demand a more fun, speakers can be connected via Bluetooth or via RCA cable, and built-in battery is enough to play music for 18 hours. And this with the included music.

Wireless headphones

Changes and wireless headphones. In particular, and completely wireless.

The latter includes JBL Free, which is completely devoid of wire and are simply inserted into the ears. The built-in battery will last for 4 hours of playback and charging case will provide another 20 hours. To get the headphones under the rain, as they are protected from water according to standard IPX5.

A wireless model is the JBL Endurance Peak, combining all the advantages of the JBL Free with special technology for athletes. Headphones are not simply will not fall out while playing sports, but due to the special shape provides maximum comfort.

Management is carried out gestures on the headphone, but to save energy, they are automatically disabled when the user pulls them out of your ears. To charge the headphones from the charging case, but totally unable to work 28 hours. In this case, 10 minutes is enough to headphones worked for an hour.

More sport earphones

The result of JBL continued cooperation with sports brand Under Armour have become two new designed to configure its owner in sports.

The model is called Sport React UA Wireless and UA Sport Wireless Pivot. In-ear headphones, and the difference between them is the presence in the second model, behind the ear rims, which should provide greater reliability.

Good sound headphones is largely determined by the dynamics of 5.8 mm. Security system is provided Bionic Hearing. TalkThrough technology allows you press the button to turn down the music and increase the volume of speech to give the opportunity to communicate with others and do not remove the headphones.

Both models are protected from water standard IPX7, and the charge will last for 9 hours of music.

Clear sound in the AKG lines

Charge the built in battery will last for 23 hours of music listening. It will be more than enough for any road.

The second novelty in the N-series was the model AKG N200, which is equipped with a system of magnets in the cups for more comfortable carrying. Model works up to 8 hours on a single charge, and supports the Apt-x codec and AAC.

Y-series has been joined by two wireless models. Invoice AKG in-ear AKG and Y500 Y100. The older model, thus, has a record autonomy. From charging to charging, it can play music for 33 hours. But here, to save energy, there is a system Auto Play/Pause — pauses playback when the headphones are removed.

And here is the Google Assistant

Assistants do not just started appearing in our life, but started to settle into our earphones.

We have already presented the JBL Link View with LCD display and full opportunities assistant. Could you not just ask to play music or display the lyrics, but to make a video call.

Now it came to the new JBL sound bar Link Bar with the optional subwoofer. It can make TV smarter with Google Assistant, Android TV, Google Chromecast and support for 4K.

All this enables voice search and video playback. And for those concerned about privacy, the system is equipped with technology PrivacySwitch — said to protect from eavesdropping.

Got Google Assistant and to the headphones. So, the updates got a full JBL Everest and JBL in-ear 710GA Everest 110GA. It is easy to guess that the marking “GA” in the title just refers to the presence in the new Google Assistant, which is invoked by pressing a single button and allows you to receive notifications and to operate smartphone without taking it out of his pocket.

Portable line Harman Kardon

In the premium segment is also not without innovations in the form of two models Harman Kardon.

Portable speakers Harman Kardon Esquire Mini 2 is designed for those who value not only sound quality, but prefers stylish accessories made from quality materials. This model, for example, boasts the use in the production of leather and aluminum, and relatively light weight.

The battery lasts for 10 hours of work, and enough output to listen to music or watch a movie in almost any situation. To charge using a USB Type-C, and if necessary, the column itself can distribute the charge to other devices.

Focus on the premium segment emphasizes the presence of dual microphones that allow you to negotiate at the conference.

The second novelty in this category was the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5, received a completely new design, which became more refined and elegant. The novelty is released in a round case with textile cover and aluminum handle. It provides up to 8 hours of sound and, thus, can be linked into a stereo pair with another of the same column.

Innovations for sophisticated music lovers.

The upgrade of the Citation brought eight new products in the segment, which satisfies even the most demanding music lovers.

Among them shelf components One and 100 with touch controls, stereos 300 and 500 with a color display, subwoofer Sub, acoustic panel Bar, outdoor Tower acoustics and acoustic components Surround. All these components allow, if desired, to form any sound scheme for any room.

The term “any system” can refer to as multichannel home cinema, and a full multiroom system for a large apartment or house.

All components are covered with moisture – and heat-resistant materials from leading European textile factory and Kvadrat is available in two colors. And all devices except the Sub and Surround feature Google Assistant.

The new word in home premium

In addition to everything described above, was also soundproof line of Harman Kardon, which has become a real discovery for lovers of surround sound.

MultiBeam technology provides a patented method of directional playback an array of speakers, it allows achieving truly realistic surround sound experience. To ensure this effect is also used by the processor of digital processing, which forms a directional audio stream.

The formation of the flow is taken into account not only the position of the listeners, but the items in the room as well as sound reflections from walls and furniture.

In total, there were two models — Harman Kardon Enchant Enchant 800 and 1300. The first model has eight built-in speakers and power 180 W, and the second has a whopping 13 speakers and 250 watts of power.

For those who like more bass, offers optional wireless 10-inch subwoofer. In addition, both the Soundbar supports Google Cromecast that allows you to stream content from over 300 apps without using a smartphone.

Do not forget about the motorists

JBL has always been known to motorists not only powerful speakers with proprietary sound meaty, but good amplifiers. At the ongoing exhibition presented them.

In total, there were three compact amplifier series Stage, namely, one dual-channel (JBL Stage A6002) and two four-channel (JBL Stage JBL Stage A6004 and А9004).

All amplifiers have low power consumption, which does not prevent them to achieve incredible acoustic performance and high efficiency. Also amplifiers with adjustable crossovers and bass equalizer for fine tuning sound.

About the price

The price of most new products is still unknown and will be announced in the near future, but it is clear that the company did not idle the past months, providing worthy successors to the previous generations of its equipment and launching new promising line that should be palatable to fans of the sound of different ages and incomes.

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