Urgent: a new system to improve the air into the water up officially to the UAE

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تحويل الهواء إلى مياه

The company launched the “reference capital” of the UAE and the group of “average” global holding“, a global leader in providing sustainable solutions for the purchase of natural water in the Middle East, modern technology provides a source of durable and sustainable to get drinking water by collecting moisture from the air, and will “average” the first company of its kind to open a branch in Abu Dhabi to provide companies, government institutions, a system of air treatment units to improve the moisture in the air into potable water in Middle Eastern markets.

Has opened a “person for solutions to the water” new headquarters in Market Square, Abu Dhabi International, and through his drinking water in hot environments or tropical, the company aims through a system of conversion of air into water, to reduce the amount of use of bottled mineral water in plastic bottles, has succeeded units transform air into water than the average production of drinking water for the benefit of the elements of the United Nations and the Armed Forces in many of the countries within the dry areas which suffer from the most difficult products in the world.

The launch of this technology in the UAE through a joint venture between the company “signal capital” of the UAE and the group of “average” Global Holdings, saw the launch of the company in its new headquarters fact with the group of Abu Dhabi global market detection systems units water solutions in the presence of a group of dignitaries and representatives of major global companies and regional levels.

Company was established person Solutions Limited water which United Kingdom-based not at the hands of Dr. Alessio locatelli, a doctor of Italian nationality, has devoted his professional life to conducting research and studies to invent technology work to transform the air into water, as it was following his participation in the relief work after the big earthquake that happened in Haiti in 2010. During the crisis resulting from the earthquake, the interface is Dr. Alessio with relief teams major difficulty in creating a mineral water is safe to drink and cleaning medical equipment was shortage of water is the dilemma the main for the relief.

After conducting several successful experiments, the development of a process to capture water from the air expanded and then at the commercial level. The result was the innovation of system and person to turn the air into water with a production capacity of up to thousand liters per day of pure water, and the value of their production to 0.03 dirhams/liter. The facilities, designs of units average water production from air with the criteria of the World Health Organization and obtained the adoption of its license for use in the Gulf Cooperation Council.

And company person to launch four new projects in the United Arab Emirates in collaboration with major companies looking for the best ways to get sustainable sources of drinking water without the need for Logistics to help in cost reduction and reduced carbon emissions.

And around the production unit of the new water, the head of the company person world David: “I’ve influenced the global water crisis, and specifically the difficulty of access to resources, safe drinking water to many communities, and of the most pressing issues faced by organizations and governmental institutions on the world level. In addition, ecosystems in the world’s oceans, threatened by the enormous wastage and waste caused by the remnants of the plastic that is used one time; however put these things urgent in the eye of the mind, the technique to person a practical alternative to replace bottled water with plastic without affecting their quality “.

He added: “We live in a world in which this natural wealth, many of the pressures to meet the needs of the world’s population who increase their number year after year, and we must find the Human the best ways to portray what we need to survive in the face of these threats, the entities we are helping to protect our environment.”

Despite the fact that a technical person has been developed to ensure the provision of resource content of the pure water when the occurrence of disasters and crises that harm the human, but it also provides many other uses appropriate for agriculture and projects that are held in remote areas and on offshore platforms, or even in large events, and can be directly integrated into residential areas.

The company confirmed that it can take advantage of the system is the conversion of air to water in agricultural areas in the Middle East, as an innovative system contribute to its design in reducing the dependence on natural sources of water such as aquifers or systems of water desalination which is very costly and consumes a lot of energy.

For his part, said Alex Gaye, the CEO and founder of the company sign the UAE: “the system average perfect land that are located in areas such as the Middle East, as it provides access to water in areas that are characterized by high levels of moisture in the air and safe and reliable.”

He concluded his speech by saying: “while seeking the States of the region to reduce dependence on oil, to reduce its impact on the environment, in the oil an important source of energy, meets all the requirements of the population, the system provides the conversion of air to water solutions the process of clean and sustainable development to meet the growth requirements of water in the Middle East and North Africa.”

Urgent: a new system to improve the air into the water up officially to the UAE

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