Urgent : close the application bath is finally coming October

After 8 years in service announced based on the social network mini-extruder from the closure of the application deadline in the month of October without giving reasons, but to say that the shutdown was due to lack of demand on the network in the last biennium.

Based on the application of the Path who start with the idea of determining the 50 friend to share content with them and then 150 and then open the folder for everyone confirmed in a letter intimate that they were happy with what they provided during the past years, but will terminate service to provide other services .

Throughout our journey we laughed and cried together, we became imperative for the closure of this service to our priority to serve you with products better soon, it’s been a long journey and we thank sincerely all of us and our support

The company also announced it users can save a copy of their data as well as the people who paid money in exchange to get a subscription characteristic that they can recover their money.

The time frame to stop the service:

  • September 17 ( today) the declaration of the closure of the service in Bath.
  • October 1, next stop the updates from the Apple store, parking the play.
  • October 18, next close the app completely and will not become able to access to investigate.
  • November 15, the next closure of the customer service related to the application bath.


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