Urgent : Facebook announces new procedures to protect users ‘ data

On the background of the issue of Cambridge analytica , which we talked about yesterday issued Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s statement by a few to explain the circumstances of this case as stated in the beginning, it was too late in issuing a statement to try to understand what happened, how it happened and how to guarantee not to repeat it .

Mentioned Zuckerberg said that Facebook had a responsibility to protect users ‘ data or don’t deserve their service so you think it’s wrong in some things but will be a lot to repair the error .

After that, he stopped mark on the timeline of events, this story which we have reviewed yesterday which talked about saying that what happened from the developer Alexander Kogan and Cambridge Analytica is a breach of trust between Facebook users and so will Facebook what you can to try to fix what happened and restore confidence of the people.

The new procedure, but will depend by Facebook starting today

  • Will Facebook to investigate all applications that have access to large quantities of data to users of the network, you will experience Facebook facilities full for any application, who are actively suspicious will Facebook prohibit any application of the no work times Total comprehensive his includes the ban of any developer is abusing users ‘ data with the communication of users on any platform or application did it .
  • Will Facebook restrict data access to developers to the extent to prevent any other kinds of offend . For example, we removed developers ‘ access to your data if you haven’t used their own app within 3 months. And will facebook the report data received by the app when logging in to name photo profile, address and Mail Only .
  • Will Facebook tell the user applications to let them access to his information during the month of April, you will also Facebook developed a special tool describes the applications and platforms that are subscribed to via your account on Facebook with easy way to unsubscribe and cancel access permissions for your account and your data will be put this in a prominent place to facilitate access.

In the end, Zuckerberg confirmed Facebook’s liability for what happened, stressing that what happened shouldn’t speak and that they learn from this experience .


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