Urgent : Google to withdraw the license Android from Huawei after the pressure of the American government

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In the wake of the U.S. campaign on the east of the Chinese, the Google company to withdraw the license Android from Huawei, this means to direct a painful blow to the Chinese company besieged. News agency Reuters reported the news first, and confirmed thereafter by the website The Verge, who got the information to confirm the same thing from an informed source on the topic.

Commenting on this subject, said a spokesman for Google Inc. ” we are committed to the application and training processes “. It seems that the demand in this case is the recent decision issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce status of Huawei in the list of ” Entity List“, which is a According to the news agency Reuters for a list of companies that can’t afford to buy the technology from US companies without the consent of the government.

The company has become Huawei now restricted when it comes to using the Android Open Source Project, leading to the Prevention of the company include applications and important services that are expected by consumers outside of China on Android devices. This also means that Huawei will not be able to issue updates to Android security only after its availability in AOSP, assuming that the company uses a system update for it. Not yet clear how this will affect the decision on Huawei, since they depend on the applications and services of the company Google in its smart phones sold outside of China, but we will update the article when we receive additional clarification about the effects of Google’s decision.

You know the Huawei is under increasing pressure from President Donald Trump and the U.S. government because of fears that the Chinese government may use its equipment to spy on U.S. networks. The expression of these concerns in public for a long time, and in the year 2018 has warned the intelligence agencies of America from the use of devices, Huawei and ZTE, and described the American political Huawei as “the arm of the effective Chinese government “.

Confirm the company Huawei that no Chinese government can be planted security vulnerabilities hidden in their equipment, and they remained optimistic about the future of their business. But this latest setback to Google pose a significant threat to the future of Huawei in the mobile devices. The police were already preparing their respective operating systems in the case of the Prohibition of the use of Android and Windows, but for the risk of the United States from foreign intervention, it is likely to continue operating system developed by the Chinese company audit more audit that is subject to no system of Android from Google.

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