Urgent: leaked clear images of the phone Note 10 with the clarification of its measurements of actual

Phone Samsung Galaxy Note 10 product hard it will be launched on the sixth of August next, after less than one month in spite of the approaching launch date of the phone only to lovers of Samsung are not able to wait to see the design clearly, with this leak Renders many don’t.

Today has been published the official photos through the FCC website, a site US government has published a number of pictures of the phone due to the tests, the Environmental to the phone etc, that we don’t care, what we care about is that the actual images -and real – the phone has been posted and here she is:

Of negative things about these images are they show that the phone will come with the entrance of the sky for about Samsung for the first time, it is reported that this “fashion” started by Apple in the year 2016 with the phone the iPhone 7, and then companies began to imitate, but I think what you did Samsung not to restrict, but because of the provision of more space for battery larger.

The phone will come with camera three and according to this photo, except that documents issued by the FCC explained that this version of self -which is shown in photos – will come with support للـ5G, but is expected certainly that the unlock Samsung phone more than one note, and one of these phones will enter the fifth generation certainly.

Recall that the phone Note 10 is going to be the strongest contender for the iPhone killer, especially the version that will get a larger screen, but phones note features Always carry a pen S-Pen and evaluated for a huge and high quality, it is reported that the Galaxy Note 9 which was launched in August last year, has come at the price of $999, so we expect that the new phone -or at least one model of his – the same price.

Clearly it seems that Samsung or FCC has etc error when they attach these photos and get them online, but that the pictures had spread as you can notice.

Source: CNBC

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