Urgent – Old Huawei phones may lose Google apps and Android updates!

We are all aware now about the US ban on Huawei, which led to the loss of recent phones for Google's applications and services, as well as other impacts such as forcing Huawei to abandon Kirin processors due to the loss of its relations with Taiwanese TSMC! And according to a new report, old Huawei phones that support Android and Google services may face the same fate and lose them! This poses a danger to all owners of these phones Old Huawei phones

Loss of old Huawei phones to Google services and Android license

Huawei has become unable to obtain a license from Google to add its applications and services to its phones, and this has been since May 2019, but this matter did not affect Huawei phones manufactured and sold before this date, since it already has a valid license.

What is new – and according to the Washington Post – is that the license owned by the older Huawei phones also needs to be renewed and updated, especially during these days! After the problems between Huawei and the United States, the company most likely will not be able to renew these permits, or rather the United States will not allow it to do so, which may ultimately lead to the loss of all Huawei phones to its Android license on the one hand, and the loss of support for Google applications and services on the other hand. .

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Old Huawei phones

The matter is not that bad, according to legal professionals, and there is an opportunity to renew these licenses, given that Huawei had already obtained them before all these problems occurred – or farces – so there is no objection to licensing them! But we cannot neglect the great hatred of Trump and his government for everything that is Chinese, so manipulation may occur that nullifies this possibility.

So far, things are not clear, and we do not know what will happen, but in the event that Google's services and applications are necessary for you and you cannot do without them, we do not recommend that you buy any new or used phone from Huawei at the present time even if it already supports Google's applications and services, and this is pending Things become clear to us. It is reported that some rumors and expectations indicate that both Xiaomi and Plus are waiting for the same fate of Huawei! What do you think?

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