Urgent : Saudi Telecom Company learn technical support eSIM iPhone

As was announced STC by a few that it is technical support, tranche E or what acronym to the technique of eSIM existing iPhone New.

Technical was operating in 10 states only when Apple announced the launch for the first time in the iPhone it looks like it’s starting to get in a lot of countries such as Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE to become the Saudi Arabia of the latest producers to this list after today’s official announcement.

Practically this technique will make you dispense with the regular slide and therefore will not be a need for the entrance to the slide to change or remove the slide and will not be a need to request a new slide every time and will not be need to go to the branch to between the companies where you can do all of that through a partner eSIM embedded inside your phone.

To know telecommunications companies, the other also support this technology soon to become anyone can take advantage of this service especially features phones pix from Google and iPhone from Apple and are the only phones that support the technology eSIM up to the minute.


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