Urgent: stop telegram and all its applications and website in all over the world

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Stop application of instant messaging encrypted telegram Telegram about the work in the early hours of Sunday morning, and is still available until the moment of writing this news. Confirm currently most of the tools to track The status of services and applications, global available on the internet that the telegram is already outside the scope of the entire service including the official website on the web.

Until the moment has not issued any official statements across any accounts or any social media platform, by the founder of the app or the company, except that the labeling bears the name of #telegramdown began to spread rapidly.

Update: tweeted the founder of the app telegram, Pavel Durov. saying that there is the possibility to stop the application I have some users in Europe in the next few hours due to a very high temperature in the server-specific application of the telegram, and they know now to address the problem.

Earlier information

It should be noted that Russia’s attempts to threaten to ban access to the messaging service telegram by so on us technology giants, including Amazon have Alphabet parent company Google, to war with the founder of app Pavel Durov. Pavel Durov with his conversion to the use of proxy servers to bypass bans, after the company refused to comply with a court order preventing Federal Security Service known as the FSB access to the encrypted messages to its users.

The CRA official in Russia roskomnadzor Roskomnadzor has stated previously that it blocked the IP addresses owned by Google and Amazon, saying that they were used by the messaging service telegram, which the authorities in Moscow to ban it earlier this week, where it was banned 18 a network of networks, Google, Amazon used the telegram to dodge restrictions, according to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Alexander visited on.

As a result, been banned more than 15 million IP address, which makes some special Internet resources to third parties is not available in Russia, added visited on “we have informed the two companies at the present time that a large number of IP addresses belonging cloud services the two companies have been stopped on the basis of the decision of the ban issued by the court.”

The ban IP addresses to prevent Internet users in Russia have access to the telegram and other services that transmit content via the servers of Google and Amazon, while some users to circumvent the ban by using virtual private networks VPN, which makes it seem like they’re accessing the internet from another country.

Called Pavel Durov. founder and CEO of telegram to the resistance to digital, saying that he is ready to provide grants worth millions of dollars through the work of the bitcoin digital encrypted individuals and companies that run proxy services and VPN support Internet freedom.

He explained to Doro that there was no significant decrease in the number of users of telegram in Russia since the entry into force of the ban because the users were using proxy services and VPN to access the application, and also thanked Apple and Google, Amazon, Microsoft for not participating in political control.

The messaging application security to its users numbering more than 200 million users around the world communicate via encrypted messages cannot be read by third parties, including governmental authorities, and, in turn, stated Pavel Durov., the founder of telegram, has repeatedly said that his company will not hand over the encryption keys to the Russian authorities because they do not share confidential user data with anyone.

It should be noted that the app is increasingly popular in Russia as an application for mobile devices and desktop computer, not only among ordinary people, but is widely used by governmental authorities and, where used by the Kremlin to regulate the timing and make conference calls regularly with the spokesman for President Vladimir Putin, while used by many government officials to deal with the media.

Urgent: stop telegram and all its applications and website in all over the world

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