Urgent – the lifting of the ban on the Huawei and the end of the crisis with corporate America!

US President, Donald Trump for the lifting of the ban on Chinese company Huawei and allowing him to again working with American companies in a press conference on the sidelines of the summit meetings of the twentieth session held in Osaka, Japan.

عاجل - رفع الحظر عن هواوي وانتهاء الأزمة مع الشركات الأمريكية!Urgent – the lifting of the ban on the Huawei and the end of the crisis with corporate America!

The American president stated that Huawei should buy the ingredients that you need from American companies as long as it does not harm the national security of his country. This means that Huawei will use the licence to use the system of Android from Google as well as complete the work naturally with the rest of the American companies supplied.

The reason behind this decline of the American administration’s pressure played by the large corporate manufacturer of products within the United States according to Bloomberg, as the volume of trade cooperation between Huawei hand companies Intel and KO your microphone on the other hand, more than $ 11 billion through 2018.

This decision is also the outcome of closed-door meetings between the U.S. President and China in the top twenty where the negotiations take place on the background of the trade dispute between the two countries, which was a major cause of the crisis, Huawei basically.

He was the president of Donald Trump has taken the decision to ban Huawei and obliging corporate America before the weeks before the Ministry of justice by giving 90 days for Huawei to re-arrange their leaves, but the crisis seems to have been solved early, but its presence may be large due to the new policy that might follow Huawei’s future development of the operating system and the manufacturing processes of their own away from corporate America though this will take a period of time to achieve.

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