Urgent .. Trump: agreement with China on lifting the ban on Huawei phones

The president announced the American Donald Trump at a press conference at the conclusion of the top twenty held over two days in Osaka, Japan, that his country will not impose new charges on China, but added that his administration will not cancel the previous.

He explained to Trump that he is ready to move forward in negotiating with China, adding:”China has genuine desire to reach an agreement with us”.

With regard to the ownership of Huawei, said: “the agreement with China on lifting the ban on Huawei phones”.

As for the economic affairs of the interior, assured Trump that his car made good numbers in the lower unemployment rates in America.

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Recall that the agency “Xinhua” the official was reported earlier that the two countries will resume proximity negotiations “on the basis of equality and mutual respect”.

She also noted that the Chinese President informed his American counterpart that he hoped that the United States opposes Chinese companies fairly.

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