US Army reveals an experimental model of the system augmented reality “IVAS” early on HoloLens 2

الجيش الأمريكي يكشف عن نموذج تجريبي من نظارة الواقع المعزز "IVAS" المبنية على HoloLens 2

Briefed the U.S. Army network CNBC exclusively on the experimental model of the system augmented reality special wholesale amount on system for Microsoft HoloLens 2 with her, of course, modifications of custom, where they named it IVAS a test system for visual reinforcement integrated.

Was more in the system of augmented reality IVAS are as indicated above are characterized by properties different from the consumer version of Microsoft are available where the techniques of the top as the report indicated, once you wear the soldier لـIVAS show him a map of specific place where he and his team members other distributors in the region, just as is the case in video games.

It is also equipped with a scanning thermal allows to identify all details of the place and the whereabouts of team members and enemies in the dark dark; as well as in the case of the presence of smoke also revealed the official in the army, but without giving any details about this technique.

And don’t think the glasses customized just for you or for use in the front lines as it is clear they are also designed to be part of the testing tools in the courses of military training, where they will be used to monitor the heart rate for the reaction of them when you simulate living your truth and thus use the reports about them in order to improve their skills in dealing in real situations in the future.

The army is currently downsizing IVAS to be integrated with the helmet and does not constitute a hindrance in the ready-to-wear and provide the degree of protection greatest for being will be the size of regular glasses; they have a timeline to implement this plan over the next few months, and failed to disclose to the army for its cost while the Hololens mother with a cost price of $ 3500.

The company Microsoft has won As million with the U.S. government last November to provide the Army a hundred thousand of glasses Hololense adjusted $ 480 million, followed by criticism of the health of multiple parties was last objection employees of Microsoft itself last February airport her to withdraw and not to involve themselves in the maze of shopping and the growing armies with lethality and murder, however, as we see today, the police didn’t know that attention as she completed her project and here are the results with IVAS under the trade.

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