US Court: owners can iPhone to sue Apple to provide applications pup storm

The Supreme Court issued in the United States today is Monday a decision to allow the lawsuits, filed by consumers accusing the company of Apple monopolizing the market for apps “App Store“, forcing them to pay the overpayment.

Fallen Apple shares almost 5% after judges upheld the lower court decision to allow consumers to reject a class action lawsuit. It can be the plaintiffs claim billions of dollars in compensation if they win in lawsuits that accuse Apple of being match selling applications through its own application store, which allows him to earn commissions, trailing 30% of the purchases.

The court rejected the company’s attempt to exonerate itself from the charge of violation of the antitrust law federal and that joint applications are not clients of the two games, but play the role of a proxy between developers and users.

Hung a giant American technology on the decision of the Supreme Court allow the lawsuits against her; that he might be a threat to e-commerce, which make up a fast growth in the US economy; amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

And the issue of complaints that the Apple App Store – which is the only way to buy applications that can be used on devices “iPhone” iPhone,”iPad,” iPads,”Apple Watch” Apple Watches – is actually a monopoly forcing people to pay large sums for apps.

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The part of the developers, the company imposes on developers an annual fee for membership in the Store “App Store” for $ 99 USD, then charge you a commission of 30% for every sale you make within the app.

And Apple TV to developers to sell apps outside the store “August store”, and can not for users of its portable to download software on their phone unless it was from the store. In contrast, the Android system of Google allows the download of applications from more than one store, or even shop provided the application file in APK format.

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