Us iPhone, wiretapping and money Siri Apple: the main thing this week

The main event of this week was undoubtedly Apple: Tim cook and his team four times a year, we gather all together to talk for an hour or two on the phone with journalists and their investors. And this event would be much more boring if not for the statements of the analysts who, after each report, predicting the company’s imminent failure.

Why Apple shares are rising

This time was no exception — in a Network there are many comments in the style of “see, again, the sales of iPhones said Yes they are all bad!”, “but the net profit fell” and so on. But despite the dissatisfaction of the so-called “hamsters”, the shares of Apple, by contrast, grew up after the end of the report, and then returned to the previous value, which was trading until the beginning of August.

Why the shares fell? First, Apple see not just another technological Corporation and leader with ambitious plans and promising future. No wonder just a week before the financial report, Apple announced about the purchase of the modem business to Intel. Freedom from chips, Qualcomm will increase the effectiveness of the “Apple” of the Corporation and reducing its costs, and that investors love.

Yes, and very soon all users of Apple technology will begin to use the new services of the company. Among them, the Apple Bank Card, an entertainment Apple TV+, Apple games Arcade and many others. And the fact that in this quarter the services brought her the most money all time, only confirms the fact that the company has chosen the right path. After all, this year the audience of the Apple services will increase several times.

And even after the Apple of his quarter reported its main competitor — the South Korean company Samsung. Its revenue decreased by 4%, but net profit fell more than 50%. The reason was weak sales and poor quarter units for the production of memory chips — there is a recession at all was 71%. Here, too, there is a connection, anyway.

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Apple will no longer listen to you

A few days after that Apple decided to suspend the programme of analysis of the voice commandsthat users give Siri. This solution in Cupertino explained the need to conduct further investigation of the ways in which Siri records the conversations of the users and whether some of the records produced secretly by users in case of accidental activation.

On completion of investigation, Apple plans to introduce software that will allow users to decide whether they want to participate in the program improve the quality of service or not. As a result, they can either record their conversations, endorsing their shipment to Apple or be banned completely. Thus, in working to ensure the rights of users to privacy and protection of their sensitive data.

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It’s obvious that Apple is seriously concerned about the frequency of false positives Siri, which records that it absolutely was not intended. So, instead of having to deal with the decoding of the misunderstood assistant voice commands are language specialists are forced to listen to private conversations about selling drugs, the sounds of sex and a lot of what most people usually prefer to keep secret from outsiders. Unpleasant!

The iPhones will be assembled in the USA

Now, even top-end computers cost several thousand dollars going to China. However, any rule there are exceptions, and in Cupertino remember, and therefore to allow themselves to produce some Macs in Ireland and the United States. But this year an exception was resolved not to do and to start production of even super-expensive Mac Pro in China, even if it is contrary to the wishes of the company.

If Apple takes the Mac Pro to the USA, it will be a big win for Donald trump, who so eagerly desired that an American company produced their products in their homeland. It is therefore possible that the President will continue to tighten the screws and will impose additional duties the rest of the Apple equipment in the hope that it will start to collect it in the States. That’s just to do with the availability of cheaper, in terms of the workforce of Vietnam, Indonesia and India? Unlikely.

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