US lawmakers propose bill to fight the control algorithms technology companies

Proposed US lawmakers on Wednesday a bill requiring technology companies large and detect and remove any bias and discriminatory contained in the case examples, which confirms the attention to Washington’s growing organization of Silicon Valley.

It will prevent the draft law, entitled “law to fight the algorithm,” for 2019, the authority of the new Trade Commission Federal FTC and companies to study whether race or gender or any other bias other supported in their technology. The rules apply to companies that increase their annual revenue by $ 50 million as well as the data brokers and companies that have more than a million consumers.

Said Democratic Senator Ron Wyden in a press release announcing the bill: “computers are increasingly involved in the most important decisions that affect the lives of Americans, such as whether someone can buy a house or get a job or even go to jail.” He added: “but instead of the elimination challenge, these algorithms often on the conservative assumptions or data can actually reinforce discrimination against women and persons of colour”.

He cited the press statement examples of an earlier report by Reuters that the company Amazon canceled the engine to avoid the automatic and found that it was biased against women, and an American that Facebook, which owns the largest social trading network in the world with more than 2.3 million monthly active users, allows advertisers to discrimination on the basis of race, in alleged violation of the Fair Housing Act.

Join Senator Cory Booker and MP Yvette Clark, both from the Democratic Party, to hands in submission of the draft law, which may face an uphill battle in the Senate, which is controlled by Republicans.

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Said Daniel Castro, senior vice president of the foundation for information technology and Innovation Foundation, which is headquartered out of Washington DC: “the enjoyment of the algorithms with a higher level of human decisions means that decisions of the mechanism are inherently less trustworthy or more dangerous than those of mankind, this is not the case”. Added Castro: “this will not only lead to stigmatization and the difficulty of the use of artificial intelligence, which may reduce the effects of social and economic useful”.

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