Us lawmakers reject the President’s plan to Donald Trump to help the company ZTE

ZTE Company

It was the last few weeks are tough for ZTE. I’ve blocked the US Department of Commerce recently the company ZTE from getting the components from U.S. companies for seven years. What this means for the Chinese company leading in the industry of smart phones is that it can no longer purchase processors from Qualcomm, and possibly may lose the license to Android also. Since then, the company ZTE what if someone unplugs their activities to the core business, but the American president Donald Trump said recently that he works with the Chinese President for the re company ZTE to the right track. The refusal of lawmakers in the United States plan to do so.

The ban was imposed on the company ZTE after finding that he violated a prior settlement in the case of a violation of the economic sanctions imposed on Iran and North Korea, which lost her two years ago. Given the Chinese manufacturer of smart phones with processors Qualcomm, this ban means they’ve reached the end of the road.

U.S. President Donald Trump published a tweet last week confirming that it works with the Chinese President to allow the return of company ZTE to work, adding that he was issuing instructions to the trade ministers to achieve this. However, the refusal of lawmakers in the United States today of any plan by the US President to ease restrictions on the company ZTE, where they described the police threatened the security and pledged not to abandon any act of pressing on the Chinese company.

Has been expressed by some members of Congress expressed reservations on the plans, particularly because they are prepared to press for further restrictions on the Chinese company. Now it remains to see how much time we will wait until the result of the talks between the United States and China to as a result allow ZTE to return to work.


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