US President Trump the most spending on political ads on Facebook

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Spent the US President , Trump committees, political action PAC affiliate 274 thousand dollars on advertising policy is via the social media platform Facebook since early May the past and even now, is superior to the second-largest Spender on ads on Facebook, namely family planning Association of America PPFA – which is tracking for all international family planning and one of the largest of its members and a non-profit organization providing tips to reproductive health services, maternal and Child Health for the citizens-Americans, which spent more than 188 thousand dollars just on Facebook ads during the same period.

Ads purchased by President Trump and political action Committee PAC was also the most participation by users of Facebook, where I saw at least 37 million people since May, compared with 24 million people watched the ads for the family planning Association of America.

This results in a new study a group of researchers at New York University, who have used Facebook data to access the results. Where he started Facebook in the month of May last in the establishment of the archive for ads political -a searchable database publicly working to clean up the ads and identify the persons and groups that paid for these ads, and a database of advertising includes any advertisement that contains political content and aimed at Americans, to be able to the audience from viewing the archive for the online advertisements to get more information about it such as the size of money that has been spent on these ads and the number of impressions and demographic data to the public which is accessible, for more transparency.

The researchers conducted their study by analyzing all that data, where their work provides one of the most comprehensive to date about the financiers of the political ads on the largest social network in the world and what they spend before the midterm elections in November.

Access to the voters via social media is one of the most effective ways to communicate the message of the candidate, but until recently was transparency around this practice is limited, where it was allowed in previous elements of the Russia of targeting political ads are divisive among the American electorate in 2016.

Become a Facebook Buy now on funders of political ads to be documenting them as American citizens or permanent residents to provide foreign intervention. This means that the archive of political ads on Facebook provide to a large extent the image of domestic activity, where the highlights on the purchase of digital advertising for elected officials, candidates, politicians, Democrats and Republicans, in addition to non-profit organizations and groups, and profitability Committee on political action of the local. Presents archive and also the amount of interaction with these ads for by users of the social network.

Says Daniel creasy professor in communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: “one of the challenges in the state election and the previous is that we don’t have a cat, an archive good for ads of the political”, and added: “if this study considered an analysis of in principle important and reveals both the possibilities and limitations of the numerous database of political ads on Facebook”.

Researchers New York University to disclose 449 of the financiers of the political ads on Facebook since last May, and among these 210 groups the left and124 of the right-wing groups and115 group politically neutral.

Said Damon McCoy, who conducted the study with his two colleagues from the researchers: “they’re not able to calculate total spending for Republicans and Democrats because their analysis is still ongoing, they plan to release these numbers soon.”

With the approaching date of the elections midterm U.S. Senate scheduled to be held in November next, the said political advisers to the Democrats who are reeling for the elections they spend a lower proportion of their budgets advertising on digital advertising compared to their competitors, in some cases be less than 10 percent versus more than 40 percent for the Republicans.

Said McQueen: “the database Facebook work well for specific ads, but did not provide an overview of how to advertise a group or a particular political on Facebook, where some groups use multiple names to promote ads such as the American Civil Liberties Union, which had also put ads on behalf of the A. C. L. U”.

The researchers said they found also on the 43,575 case of ads with political content did not mention the name of the financier, which indicates that all of bought advertising has not been subject to verification in Facebook. They added that men and women between the ages of 25 and 34 years old are the most targeted ads while they are at least 17 years or older than 65 were less targeted.

For its part suspended the Facebook platform on this study where Ruby said Leeds Director of Product Management Facebook: “this report is exactly what we hope to be about the use of archive ads, which allow outside experts to analyze these ads, as it brings more transparency to the messages that sees the people increases the accountability and responsibility with the passage of time not only for us but also for advertisers”.

For the President, Trump confirms the results of the new study, previous reports about the extent of the activity of its operations on social media. Brad said to send the Director of digital advertising for Trump: “if his team benefited from advertising campaigns targeted to the site of Facebook to reach voters in 2016. And tested group messages targeted very to reach voters in all parts of the United States, has prompted those messages that saw her achieve the best performance”.

You know Facebook ads has been purchased and placed by the President Trump a similar pattern, and often are running dozens of versions of the Declaration. In this week, for example, launched a committee to Trump dozens of ads on the social network, which seeks to mobilize support to confirm the assigned judge Brett Kavanagh a member of the Supreme Court”. And even now did not respond to White House request to comment on it.

The candidate of the political the other one who is approaching the spending on the Facebook ads of President Trump is beto O’Rourke, Beto o, a Democrat member of Congress in the seventh circle of ten in the state of Texas. Lost pay at least 194.400 dollars since May on Facebook ads that reached approximately 13 million people according to researchers. Where to make Mr. O’Rourke – who threw the media coverage of his efforts to challenge Senator TED Cruz in November – from the Facebook of the spine of his campaign ads about the problems of his local and to strengthen its efforts to raise funds.

According to the study, most of the other politicians spent on advertisements the social network less than $ 100 thousand, which amounted to hundreds of thousands of Facebook users only.

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