US sanctions groups match hacked North Korea

The US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on three groups to penetrate North Korea, which alleged the American authorities that it helped the system to Pyongyang in raising funds for weapons programs and missiles.

And select U.S. officials three groups hacked hacking well-known to the experts of cyber security, a group of Lazarus (Lazarus); the blood (Bluenoroff); and under (Andarial).

Officials said the Treasury Department: if the three groups work under the control and orders of the Office of the survey General (RGB), which is the Intelligence Bureau main in North Korea.

Used hacking groups three attacks, ransom and attacks on banks and ATMs, locations and gambling casinos of the internet and the trading of crypto-currencies to steal money from legitimate companies.

The United States claims that the stolen funds went to the government of North Korea, and were used to help the system to Pyongyang to continue the financing of the program of nuclear missiles.

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It is through sanctions, which was signed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) in the Department of the Treasury, has the United States issued instructions to the members of the banking sector the global freezing any financial assets tied to these three groups.

It cites a Treasury Department report published earlier this year the United Nations Committee on intelligence relating to threats, which concluded that hackers from North Korea stole approximately $ 571 million of five business platforms of digital in Asia between January 2017 and September 2018.

He also gave a report of the company FireEye FireEye issued in October 2018 in the hackers are North Koreans in the implementation of the processes, robbing banks of more than $ 100 million.

Claimed another report published in January of this year that hackers from North Korea infiltrated to the ATM network of the national state of Chile after tricking employees to run malicious code during a job interview via Skype.

Alleged report from Kaspersky Lab, issued in March of this year that hackers North Koreans attacked constantly over the past two years working platforms are encrypted, and are looking for new ways to get funds.

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