US technology companies spend $ 64 million to political pressure on the government through 2018

الشركات التقنية الأمريكية تنفق 64 مليون دولار في سبيل الضغط السياسي على الحكومة خلال 2018

A noticeable increase on the amount spent on the organization of the political pressure known as “the lobby” by the technical companies of America showed a report by Reuters the increase in the rate of spending on the practice of political pressure on governmental bodies and institutions to break the party you support by $ 1 million for the financial year for each company; where did this increase is measured under the movement of the check highly experienced in corporate America by official institutions.

Came Google in the lead a deal $ 21.2 million through 2018 in the amount is the largest in this college since 2012 to follow Amazon of $ 14 million over the past year, the company Facebook has spent 12.62 million amount is the largest in the history of the company spent to earn the consequences and impacts of policy.

And speaking of software giant Microsoft has increased its financial allocations to pressure public opinion to 9.52 million dollars and entered the company of Twitter in this area for the first time at $ million, a significant increase from last year, as Apple has reduced the allocations to the political pressure to be spent through 2018 is 6.62 million compared to 2017, which reached its spending in this area is 7.15 million.

To be the $ 64 million is the amount of total spending by tech companies big on political lobbying to win the support of the government is the largest compared with previous years; at a time when corporate accountability is formally like many of the managers and executives before the Senate on several issues, including mechanisms to protect user data and security.

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