USA announced the creation of a “space force” by 2020. Expect a symmetrical response?

Vice-President Mike Pence spoke before Congress and stated the need to allocate 8 billion dollars to build space forces and space security over the next five years. Why? Pence said China and Russia as potential threats to American satellites, which creates the need to build armed forces that can give the answer. “The creation of space forces is an idea whose time has come,” said Pence.

Along with the Pens in the Pentagon was made by the Minister of defence, James Mattis, in anticipation of the submission of the implementation plan of the space forces of the Ministry of defence. Recalling the words of Donald trump made two months ago, Penny said that the group will be “separate and equal to the other five branches” of the military forces.

Why should the United States space force? They will fight in space?

All was in motion, Pence proposes to expand the plan in four stages:

  • To create a single Supervisory body, the Space command of the USA up to the end of the year, in whose interest is the protection of America’s interests in space.
  • To form an elite group of soldiers and space forces. This will include people from other military units.
  • To create space development Agency to create new technologies for space defense.
  • To establish a clear chain of accountability when creating a new branch of the military until 2020. Will create a civilian position — assistant Secretary of defense for cases and space defense.

If you imagined people fighting in space, get rid of this show immediately — offers, only to create a ground force to protect American satellites. Ultimately, however, the decision on creation of space forces will fall on the shoulders of Congress, who will have to approve their creation and sign the financing.

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