USA was right: in the equipment of Huawei do have backdoors

Huawei is not the first month is in the center of a big scandal — the U.S. government claim that it is working closely with the Chinese authorities and provides them with access to the data of its users. It is believed that the manufacturer deliberately leaves out your networking equipment and home routers loopholes for unauthorized access recently their presence was announced by mobile operator Vodafone. The vulnerability was found back in 2009, but Huawei did not fix them even after contacting the cellular operator.

Basically, loopholes have been found in equipment designed for the Italian unit of Vodafone. According to Bloomberg, the danger could also be personal information of users from the UK, Germany, Spain and Portugal. Among other vulnerabilities, the experts found the built-in telnet server, in which Huawei could gain access to the devices. The company explained the presence of this vulnerability, the fact that she needed it for remote configuration of the equipment.

With all this, the company has assured that the other breach was not “bangorama” because the term implies the intentional embedding to gain unauthorized access. According to Huawei, she intentionally did nothing, and the equipment Vodafone have been found a technical error that is now fixed. Whatever it was, the company’s reputation suffered great damage, and to supply the United States with her refusing to cooperate many countries, including Australia, Japan and the Czech Republic.

The company Vodafone continues to cooperate, because the fact of compromise of personal data was not proven. Moreover, the operator has made Huawei infrastructure 5G, but only for not very important parts. After all, the network of the fifth generation will affect industry and healthcare, where a data breach may lead to serious consequences — can’t be too careful.

Countries such as France and Germany, in turn, occupy a more neutral position. They do not call to completely abandon cooperation with Huawei, and I propose simply to tighten the requirements for data networks to provide greater security.

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