USA will put pepper in space. When will be collected the first harvest?

On the International space station, starting in 1998, where the astronauts from different countries. All of them need food, and mostly it is delivered from the Ground inside special packages, cans and tubes. As the cost of sending one kilogram of food costs about 5-6 thousand dollars, the astronauts are trying to grow some kinds of vegetables and fruits on your own, right inside the station. Especially in this case succeeded the Russians, but also astronauts from the US does not want to lag behind, and they soon engaged in the cultivation of pepper.

In one of the following packages to the ISS, American astronauts will find the seeds of Cayenne pepper. This variety, according to scientists, is best suited for cultivation in the space station, because it doesn’t take up much space and Matures quickly. In addition, the astronauts of the USA have long wanted to taste spicy food, as contained in the pepper vitamin C they are also clearly not hurt. The first harvest of pepper is planned to collect in November 2019.

The first plant in space

The first plant that was grown in space conditions was reshoved. The height of this herbaceous plant can reach 40 inches, and its flowers are usually very small and in a bun. Its flowering period occurred in 1982 in the Soviet orbital station “Salyut-7”. The official stated that the plant has passed the whole cycle of its development.

Rezhevichi — the first flowers in space

After this event, the astronauts from Russia began to actively try to grow and other vegetation. So, in 2005, Russian space station crew successfully harvested peas and began to grow radishes, for growth which requires only 30-45 days.

How to grow plants on the ISS?

American astronauts have been actively engaged in planting vegetables and harvesting in 2015. The space station was created a special system for growing plants, called Veggie. Inside it, the astronauts tried to grow lettuce is the first crop was sent to Earth to check on the security, and the second batch was eaten live, the recording of which can be viewed below.

Scientists have extensively studied “space” salad and announced that according to its nutritional properties it is not inferior to the earth. Unfortunately, scientists have proved that at the moment to grow food in space is extremely profitable. As for the system Veggie requires a lot of power, space agencies easier to deliver food inside cargo ships.

The Veggie system for growing plants

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However, attempts to grow vegetables and fruits in space it is important to continue. Very soon mankind can go to Mars, and astronauts would have to get food and not rely on aid from a distant Land.

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