Use Apply a Good Lock to disable Theo Samsung phones

Usually requires customizing the lock screen and status bar icons apps and quick settings for root, but Samsung owns the application gives the user more freedom to customize the appearance of the operating system according to his wish.

Apply a Good Lock 2018 users can Samsung phones Android 8.0 oreo customize many aspects of the system such as status bar icons or disable touches the false edge of the screen and more.

Install a Good Lock 2018

There are application Galaxy Apps you’ll find study apps, and search for the app name, and then click on the Install button (Install).

Installing sub applications

So you can customize any aspect of the interface of the Android system you must first prove the appropriate applications that operate within an application 2018 Good Lock, this app will find it addressed in the recommendations at the bottom of the application interface, such as the “LockStar”, for we have to save the page with the app to improve it.

Use a Good Lock 2018

After installing the app sub, you can use it within an application Good Lock 2018, where for it ask some of the necessary permissions granted to them so you can take advantage of different features, and then move the slider to the app in the mode of activation (On).

You’ll find many of the sub applications that provide options to customize the system as you use, so you can like change the display of Open applications recently to a horizontal position. after the install Task Changer.

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