Use mouse on iPad Pro will become possible with the iOS update 13 !

Good news for owners of the iPad Pro the site MacStories says that the iPad Pro with new iOS update 13 the next will support the use of the mouse to “mouse” them via the USB port, so you will become used to similar computers, a feature which was long absent from the iPad.

استخدام الفأرة على الآيباد برو سيصبح ممكناً مع تحديث iOS 13 !

Use mouse on iPad Pro will become possible with the iOS update 13 !

The iPad Pro is the latest (version 2018) by the USB-C port can through it connect the mouse to activate use after the arrival of the iOS update 13 via the option found in the settings, especially the section “the possibilities for disabled access” or “Accessibility” because that water will benefit more than they have reduced mobility but it will be useful to everyone in general.

The site iDownloadBlog is the other confirmed this information, citing a source informed that the Apple TV actually work now on the development of that property may be present with the announcement of the iOS system 13 the beginning of next June.

A feature like this will enable users of the iPad Pro of to use the device as if it were a laptop or my office if they would like to experience the use of similar especially when browsing the internet or using apps and games that you need to click or scroll repeatedly, and of course don’t forget as well that most of the iPad generally supports the addition of a keyboard, physical additional.

As a user of iPad Pro, you support feature the mouse will make a difference to you?

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