Use two accounts of WhatsApp from the computer this way

The number of users of WhatsApp to 1.5 million users are sending 60 million messages daily, with the availability of a web version of the app is getting this number every day. In spite of the ease of use of the two accounts under August on the phone, however, many do not know how to use more than one account WhatsApp via the web version, so here’s the way.

1 – Open the website of WhatsApp web via a PC browser, and open the app on your phone at the same time.

How can you account run two WhatsApp on same phone?


2 – Get a QR code through your phone to unlock your account in WhatsApp on PC.

3 – to open another account on the same browser open the page or a new tab and paste the following link:

4. you will see the same page code QR another to fix your other account from WhatsApp.

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