Use your phone while in the store may lead you to buy things you don’t need in the original


Ideally, we should all be disciplined enough if we walk in the store in order to purchase a particular item. However, do you find that there are times where they walk in the store just shopping and ended up buying more things than you need already?

Turns out that your phone may be the reason behind your purchase of things that you may not need. In a study published in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, found a team of researchers to use your phone while you are inside the store can lead you to buy things you don’t need.

State school 2520 of shoppers who shopped in a large store, and they found that those who used their phones while in the store, they buy items they don’t plan to buy them in the original 9 percent. According to researcher Michael Sciandra, he has stated by saying : ” Soon mobile phones have become the arboretum’s main for many consumers, they offer a unique form of disability “.

He added : ” It may affect our findings on consumer attitudes bearings use a mobile phone while shopping to persuade them to take in how the effect of these devices on our lives, whether positively or negatively “. So the next time you’re in the store, it might be best for you to complete the task register first before playing with your phone, unless you want to end up buying stuff you don’t need.

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