Used an older version of Office? Then your data is at risk

Out a new report warns that the old version of Microsoft Office by the gaps is used even now by malicious software developed and exploited even now. The loophole that exposed users in Ukraine at least already be exploited by malware called FelixRoot, which hosts the occurrence of the user as a victim the page with the fraudulent use head to install the malicious software is then steal his data through a gaps Office.

Vulnerabilities that are exploited appeared for the first time in 2017 to share Microsoft but definitely not for people old as is the exploitation of gaps so far to steal users ‘ data. The malicious software through file holds the name of the Seminar.rtf, according to reports.

The malicious software intelligently and after that you activate the same and steal user data it scans all the digital effects own as if it didn’t happen, so it won’t leave any trace and will not feel just as possible to wait for any signs.

Although Microsoft has updates for protection but to use the old version of Windows or Office programs expose you to risks you’re indispensable. Vince to get updates and new level to shield yourself from the gaps of known and unknown.

At the same time if you are interested in the world of security eBook the application Dashlane got the updated clock which provides a number of new features in addition to the control panel for what you care about the security of your passwords online.

And Dashlane 6 feature development when trading in your data in the internet daemon, where the development is advised you change your password if this occurs. Company owns Dashlane billion records in private databases bases which are updated continuously.

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