Useful app Digital Wellbeing from Google came out of beta status. Where to download?

Digital Wellbeing — one of the most important features of the Android Pie. Despite this, the function was not ready to work full time after the release of the new version of the operating system. First, it received the status of beta, secondly, to run it required a separate installation. Three months later, the situation has changed dramatically — version 1.0 available for download and conduct daily tests.

Recall that Digital Wellbeing — application for monitoring user activity. The program allows you to see your work habits with a smartphone and need to change them. It counts the number of notification you receive, the frequency of checking smartphone and the duration of use of the application.

To reduce the intensity of use of the smartphone will help control the timers. If the user will spend too much time looking at publications in Instagram, the system will alert about it. In addition, Wellbeing is able to drown out the notification within the prescribed period of time, which is especially useful at night.

In other words, developers want to reduce owners ‘ dependence on their smartphone. Today the reasons for being on the Internet too much, so useful.

As representatives of the Android Police, the software is out of beta status. While the main noticeable difference was the absence of a corresponding icon in the upper right corner. Here are screenshots of two different versions for comparison.

Other opportunities like remained the same — until journalists found no significant innovations.

Update gradually appears in Google Play. If the store update yet, download the signed version of the application is also possible. File available by the link at APK Mirror.

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