Useful functions of Google Assistant, which you do not know

Today, every self-respecting company has its own version of virtual assistant. We have Bixby, Cortana, Siri, and Alexa, of course, Assistant from Google. He, by the way, is one of the most advanced, as it understands accents and is able to follow the context of queries, not just “to understand this”. However, most people don’t use (or use rarely) this voice assistant. And in vain, because assistant from Google can significantly simplify your life.

We have compiled for you a list of the most useful tricks and life hacks for using Google Assistant.

Identify the song

To recognize tracks, Shazam is now widely used. But if you have a smartphone Google Pixel 3, the helper can do the same thing without installing any additional software. All you need to do is ask Google Assistant “recognize this song”. It goes into listening mode and does the job not worse than Shazam.

Using the calendar

The Android smartphones usually are already established corporate Calendar. You have the ability to sync your email ID with a calendar to automatically add different events. But you can use Google for this and Assistant. You can transfer data from one program to another and add notes using voice commands.

Unfortunately, there is one drawback — you cannot edit or delete these events using assistant.

Calculator and conversion of units from one measurement system to another

Of course, if you need something to calculate or translate, for example, grams to kilograms, we used to “drive all handles”. However, the assistant from Google can do this for you. Just remember that for these calculations the Assistant uses a non-standard application, and Internet resources.

Search for bars and restaurants

If you are in an unfamiliar neighborhood or city — it is not necessary to scour the web in search of a place where we could eat. All you need to do is tell the Assistant “I’m hungry”. Google will display all the nearby restaurants with user ratings and reviews. There you can find the phone and get directions.


About the same as the previous item, only this applies to the use of public transport. It is enough to request information about how to get to a particular point. In the absence of public transport you will be prompted to take a taxi. In some countries, also view the schedules of trains and trains.

Weather forecast

Google has a huge amount of weather data collected from the mass of resources. Thus, instead of loading additional applications for weather forecasting you can turn Assistant. Moreover, the request can be standard about the weather conditions, and unusual like “grab me an umbrella?”.

Calorie calculator

Those who follow the figure or just want to lose a few pounds probably know that there are tons of applications for counting calories. But, in fact, they are not needed, because the Assistant from Google can do it as well.


You can ask the voice assistant to recommend you to find unusual recipes or simply learn “what to cook for dinner.” It will give you several options and even websites where you can learn all about cooking. After that you can ask to pave the way to the nearest grocery store.

Sports apps

If you are a soccer fan then you surely want to be aware of sporting events. Google now allows you to follow the schedule or your favorite team without visiting a dozen websites.


If you have a spare minute and you want to look something up on popular video sharing website, but the tape, unfortunately, offers nothing interesting — ask the voice assistant. He will analyze the history of your views and give the most suitable results. Very useful for finding new channels and authors. By the way, this same trick works and musical compositions.

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