Useful tips to use the iPhone at night or dark

May cause system to the phone screen to bright at night during the dark in eye strain, but of course come to all phones no matter which brand it belongs with features intended to reduce eye strain while using the phone especially in the dark. Features iPhone, that it can speak with the situation of the ocean through some of the existing nurses, which enables you to use your phone at night or darkness without problems. In this article we use a set of tips useful and necessary in this area; maybe some know this tips but I don’t mind the ticket, maybe there is someone left her that way all benefit. Let us start with the blessing of God.

نصائح مُفيدة لاستخدام هاتفك الآي-فون في الليل أو الظلام

Tips for using your phone iPhone at night or dark:

First: Enable Dark Mode on the level of the entire phone

After Apple added a dark mode to macOS in 2018, the company inserted also in the update iOS 13 launched in 2019 for iPhone, iPad, and live mode Dark design operating system your mobile phone fully to use dark backgrounds with text light this is actually perfect for reading and at night, personally I rely on Dark Mode in most applications in my phone in the dark and other.

نصائح مُفيدة لاستخدام هاتفك الآي-فون في الليل أو الظلام

Of course you can use dark mode all the time or Run mode automatically when it gets dark, in order to enable Dark Mode just go to Settings or Settings then choose Display and Brightness or the display options and surfaces, and here, my friend, you will notice the appearance of 3 options first is the Light – light and the Dark – dark or dark and finally a choice of Automatic or automatic, which means the switch automatically when it gets dark.

نصائح مُفيدة لاستخدام هاتفك الآي-فون في الليل أو الظلام

And also having the tab Options or options which can be complete the schedule the custom, and even we we made to take full advantage it is also possible to claim the Siri switch between modes by saying “Hey Siri, switch to Light mode” in case you want to test the original situation, or say Hey Siri, enable Dark mode in case you want to activate the dark mode.

Second: use color filter red

Before I begin in explaining this point I would like to ask you, (my friend’s) question is simple Have you ever wondered about the reason that many of the headlights, flash the border of the car has a red filter on? The reason simply is that the light is red or orange that you see helps maintain night vision because it is very difficult to maintain visibility if you look at a white screen shining or used as a normal lamp.

نصائح مُفيدة لاستخدام هاتفك الآي-فون في الليل أو الظلام

The nice thing is that IP-your iPhone includes a feature called “Color Tint” which lead a purpose similar to where is placed the red filter over the screen which allows you to use your device while also maintaining your ability to see in the dark, to enable the feature Color Tint you only need a balance settings – Settings has been Accessibility – access, you now choose the display text size – Display and Text Size and then scroll down and choose filter color – Color Filters finally, choose the Color Tint.

نصائح مُفيدة لاستخدام هاتفك الآي-فون في الليل أو الظلام

Now, my friend, and after applying the previous steps, only that you pull the tape with my Intensity and the Hue to the far right, the signal you can also set a shortcut to enable this feature automatically if you want by going to Settings again and then access and finally click on “Test access” and then click on the “color filters” and here, my friend, you can activate this feature by clicking the triangular button to the side of your phone.

Third: reduce the blue light emitted from the screen

Since the iOS version 9.3 added apple advantage Night Shift, which aims mainly to reduce the blue light where the research indicates that the presence or absence of blue light affect your sleep patterns because the contract is linked to is blue because the sky that we see every day.

نصائح مُفيدة لاستخدام هاتفك الآي-فون في الليل أو الظلام

Important to enable this mode in your phone just go to Settings and then choose Display brightness or Display and Brightness here choose tab Night Shift or control night which can enable the dynamic table to operate the property both “from sunrise to sunrise” and you can specify certain times and to refer you through the same page to control the degree of color.

Fourth: enable flash for alerts

Most of us love to have his phone in silent mode always and I’m personally of these but at the same time I don’t like to lose notifications or ringtones from important people for me, so the simplest solution the best is that you enable a flash or LED for alerts where the flash Work Flash quickly whenever you receive a notification or phone call, and personally I see that this may be the perfect pick up notifications at night.

نصائح مُفيدة لاستخدام هاتفك الآي-فون في الليل أو الظلام

So to enable the flash or LED go to Settings – Settings then Accessibility – Accessibility and then choose Audio/Visual, or audio and visible here, my friend, as you can see the page previous You can activate the option LED Flash for Alerts, which means the flash is turned off all alerts and you can also activate the option Flash On Silent to him during the silent mode also.

نصائح مُفيدة لاستخدام هاتفك الآي-فون في الليل أو الظلام

Tell us in the comments do you were these tips helpful for you? Is faced by the problem of eye strain as a result of the use of the phone in night or dark?



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