Users are angry at Apple: iOS 12 killer card!.. This response experts

As soon as Apple has announced the newest version of the operating system its iOS, which is iOS 12, in the last week, rushed a lot of users download the new system, which included a set of exciting new features along with defect very annoying: the new system is draining batteries phones iPhone iPhone!

Strange that some users are starting to promote that Apple Apple to use the new update to the operating system as a means to force users to buy newer versions of its smart phones iPhone, has received this proposal so much approval on social networks.

Through Twitter, for example, a user wrote: “after installing the iOS system 12 decreased my battery suddenly from 99% to 45%. Thank you Apple”!

Wrote another user’s tweet similar saying: “you’ve upgraded to iOS 12, it has decreased my battery 20% in two minutes, the temperature rose iPhone my. Does that happen because the iPhone 6S and Apple to buy a new device”.

Added another: “it is absolutely unacceptable that Apple says analysis of the prices of premium phones that barely last half a day!”.

According to the experts, what happens is something logical and natural, the new update contains many big changes, it means that your iPhone Your have to reorganize your apps and your data again, it is important you need to the intensive work of the processor (recommend) represent an additional strain on the battery, and fortunately, the process of draining the battery won’t last more than two days, come back after a phone’s battery to normal, or so the specialists say.

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