Users cameras Nest used likely because it is spying on them by the former owners


Buying used things is a good way to save money, but is this a good idea? Well, if you do this with one of the cameras, Nest security by, it may not be good. This is because, according to a report released from the site of The Wirecutter, it turns out that it is likely to be trade by the original owner of the camera Nest that you have.

This is because some users discovered that even though reset the camera to factory condition, it seems that the original owners still have access to the pictures that were taken and recorded by the camera. It seems that this is due to the coupling with the application called Wink, which allows users to control their smart home.

This means that although it’s supposed to work the security camera as if it is new then return it to factory condition, except that previous owners can still search and find out what is going on. Safe to say that this is a nightmare for privacy, especially if we know that there is no solution for that at the moment, except for the separation of the camera and keeping it in non-contact until Google fixes the problem.

In a statement issued to Business Insider, a spokesman confirmed the official name of the company Google that the company will remain in the problem and will issue a solution is not so stated by saying : ” We knew of the existence of a problem that affects some cameras Nest relating to the requirement of your external via Works With Nest. We’re investigating this actively we are working on resolving the problem “.


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