Users can iPhone now modify the sound insulation to Google Photos

While calling for iPhone XS and XR the amendment on isolated background very different which is what defines the impact of the Booker from the Photos app, the feature is not present in the iPhone X and models the older.

However, thanks to the updated application to Google Photos LATEST, users can now iPhone 7 Plus and the amendments later to adjust the effect of Booker in the picture Porter, but they can change the focus point in the photo. There is also a feature of the “Color Pop” that keep the colors of the element of focus in the picture and make the background black and white.

Come these features within the new update for the iOS has started launching today − features already present on Android.

After updating the app and open the image of the Porter, and on the modifier button, you’ll find the effect of the “Color Pop” as the first option in the filters, either click on the modifier button again will latch the control very different, which will be under the bars of light and color current.

Source: The Verge

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