Users can now block or turn off ads Google for a temporary period

إعلانات قوقل

إعلانات قوقل

Got system announcements Google on the new updates geared towards users mainly allow the prohibition of advertising or prevent their appearance for a temporary period.

When a user searches for a product in e-shopping sites, these sites display different ads on the same product for a 30 day almost hoping to redirected store to buy it. However, based on the new updates, the user can stop the appearance of those ads for a period of 90 days, this means that they are a large percentage won’t come thru don’t of new.

And once you click on the ads Settings then head to the ticket Reminder Ads, push-button removal of soldiers along with the name of the advertising to any advertising related to it.

In addition to the foregoing, will become the AD-blocking feature is compatible with all user devices at the same time, the user when placing the mouse pointer on any ad network Google ad will notice the appearance of the button entitled “hide this ad” Hide This Ad, this since 2012. But according to new updates, will be circulated concealment on all user’s devices to disappear completely.

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