Users Complain of know Nexus devices Player their own to vaguely

Nexus Player

Several years ago, the company Google in cooperation with Asus to launch the digital future Nexus Player to compete with the digital future Apple TV of Apple. Safe to say he wasn’t successful in wow, this explains why the company decided to Google Non-disclosure of his successor until now.

But for some reason, it seems that few of the millions of Nexus Player benefit now their device, learn to ” die ” mysteriously. From the natural to the availability of old hardware some of the problems with the passage of time. But as I explained some sites, the standards currently deployed around the problem is almost simultaneous, which suggests that this is more than just a coincidence.

In some cases, the boot device when the Google logo, or displays an error message that says ” can not download the system Android. May be your data is corrupted. If you keep getting this message, do return the machine to factory condition and delete all user data stored on this device “. For some users the insurgents, has led to install a new version of the operating system on the device to solve the problem, but this is not something to expect that everyone knows to do.

There are users also say that resetting the device to factory condition did not lead to repair their devices. It is unclear what may be the reason for this problem and if this is just a coincidence. But, with Google officially supporting the Nexus Player last year, it seems unlikely that the company Google is a lot of work to solve this problem.



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