Users Evo 11 complain of the inaccuracy of the GPS, the GPS in their phones!

Bought a number of users phones Evo 11 from problem tracking system GPS locations on their phones clearly show when you run the application and approved it.مستخدمو ايفون 11 يشتكون من عدم دقة نظام تتبع المواقع GPS في هواتفهم!

Apps such as Strava, tracking sports activities, and Waze’s own maps navigation and traffic situations work inaccurately and location data wrong. when I run it on some phones Evo 11 according to the testimony of users.

Have been monitoring several complaints of the same problem on the forum Reddit which prompted the developers of the application Strava to answer and finger pointing GPS phones Evo 11.

مستخدمو ايفون 11 يشتكون من عدم دقة نظام تتبع المواقع GPS في هواتفهم!

Some users tried to solve the problem in the conventional ways of cross-referencing to an older version of the iOS system, or activate a flight mode, or close the WiFi, but all these ways didn’t work and didn’t solve the problem.

Didn’t know Apple officially it’s not known if that was the problem in the application of certain only or in the operating system or in the GPS module included inside those phones.

Recently the problem was raised again about the leadership of phones Evo 11 leaking the location data of users for applications and the system, although they do disable Location Services. Apple responded later that the problem of special chip high-frequency U1 and promised to solve the problem, noting that it does not leak any data.

Did you encounter any problem in the application of the Treaty on the GPS in any of the phones Evo 11’s?

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