Users have faced problems after upgrading to iOS 12.3.2

Not so long ago Apple released an update for iOS 12.3.2. The update was meant only for one model – the iPhone 8 Plus, and contained a correct function for portrait mode. And, it would seem, the theme update should be closed – but no. As it turned out, the new update brought more problems than solutions.

Restore the backup

As noted by users, the problem occurs when you try to restore data from backup iPhone 8 Plus other devices.

Recently I purchased iPhone XS. During the initial setup screen I decided to restore a backup from your old iPhone 8 Plus iOS 12.3.2.

I suffered a big disappointment — it turned out that to restore apps and data from my old smartphone is simply impossible, because of incompatible versions.

I spent a lot of time to load all the apps that were on my smartphone. However, some data was permanently lost among them progress in the games and other information stored locally, — said one of the affected users.

How to solve the problem with backup

It is noteworthy that the experts Apple support acknowledged the problem but did not provide any ways to solve it. Case limitations the operating system itself, around which, the average user is simply impossible.

The only possible solution in this situation — to wait for the public version of iOS 12.4. Recall that the release of this build is scheduled for early July.

It is expected that iOS 12.4 will bring to OS full support of the Apple Card that was presented during the spring event, the company on March 25. There is every reason to believe that significant updates will also get the Wallet app.

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