Users largest cryptocurrency exchanges have encountered a rare bug when registering

In one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase was discovered a bug, which threatened the safety of the users. In a company blog post published a report about the vulnerability. It turns out that occasionally when you register a username and password for the new user get in the wrong place in clear text.

The situation is under control

Coinbase representatives have clarified the mechanism of vulnerability. Usually with registration on the exchange no problem, but there are exceptions.

In very drastic cases, attempt a login and password on the registration page unsuccessful-that is, users saw the error. If the user rebooted page, introduced the same combination and have successfully completed the registration process, the password is encrypted. But for 3420 users didn’t work. User-entered data were transferred to the internal Coinbase logs in plain — i.e. unencrypted — text. This created a risk to the safety of personal data.

Source: Bitcoinist

The experts of the technical Department of the exchange has eliminated the vulnerability. Despite this, the company began sending warning letters to the addresses of the users affected by this bug.

And although we are fully confident that eliminated the root of the problem, we ask those users to change the password on your account for additional security measures.

Fortunately, nobody suffered from the vulnerability directly — funds on the above accounts. Even if the hacker has the username and password of the account, he still would not be able to log in without confirmation code with two-factor authentication. Always use 2FA when dealing with any exchange, because it is your guarantee of full protection against intruders.

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Today Coinbase is one of the most secure exchanges industry. In the past she had no scandals break-ins. Recall, even with Binance in early may was stolen over 40 million dollars.

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