Users macOS Catalina lost letters. How to solve the problem

Problem with macOS Catalina many were observed even when the operating system was in beta status, but basically they concerned a third party application. Many of the problems Apple had to fix to release, but users continue to report bugs. One of them is critical, as it concerns the e-mail.

Someone else uses the Mail app on the Mac?

Missing letters in macOS Catalina

According to users who updated to macOS Catalina and work with mail in the standard Mail app after installing the update they have started to disappear letter. And quite as simple as drag and drop email from one folder to another: it is at first glance a standard action can lead to the disappearance of the mail.

Here is how the problem developed by EagleFiler, one of the plugin for the Mail app on a Mac:

Moving messages between mailboxes, how to use drag-and-drop, and through AppleScript, can lead to his disappearance on the Mac. And then other devices due to the automatic synchronization will see the message as deleted.

The problem is critical, because the user may not notice that the letter disappeared, and come to their senses later. And because data is synchronized with the server, these problems can also spread to other computers and devices, and to rely on your backups not be here, because these addresses are constantly changing. Yes, and there is no easy way to merge the restored data with the messages received since the last backup.

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How to recover messages in macOS Catalina

However, there is a way to re-obtain your email if you still have a backup. You can use the menu “File” — “Import mailboxes” and choose the mail backup. However, it appears as a new local mailbox and will not be merged with the existing ones.

Old emails will reappear in the form of local boxes

It is unclear whether these problems with the Mail application errors, or other factors such as bugs macOS Catalina or mail server. On Friday Apple released a beta version of macOS Catalina 10.15.1 for developers, but it is still unclear, whether this corrects the version error in Mail app. So the only advice to users who are working in this app for Mac “to suspend the upgrade to Catalina”.

If you are affected by this issue, a full description can be read here. And you have had problems with mail after upgrading to Catalina? Let us know in the comments below.

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