Users massively complain about problems iOS 13.1.2

I think few can boast that they have never faced any problems after upgrading to new iOS versions. Different kinds of flaws even became a kind of chip operating system, to which the majority of users is quite philosophically, which, however, has not prevented them to split into two camps. Some prefer to be updated in order before the others to test new features, despite the bugs and vulnerabilities. And second instead of having to endure the inconvenience, I prefer to wait until update will be released with fixes. That’s just sometimes you have to wait Oh how long.

iOS 13.1.2 is the third update released after iOS 13, but the problems in it more than enough

13.1.2 iOS, which was released two weeks ago, not only fixes bugs found in previous versions of the operating system, but also adds a new, preventing the stable operation of the smartphone. About that the users write in social networks, on the technical support forum Apple and other platforms for discussion. According to them, after updating their iPhone began to suffer from the problem of intercepting the phone conversations of overheating and premature discharge of the battery, which has already become a textbook example of the flaws of the new versions of iOS.

What problems does the iOS 13.1.2

“Just finished testing iOS 13.1.2, and I am absolutely disappointed in her. I ran into problems in the Face ID, the quick discharge of the battery, the sound of Bluetooth connection, but, worst of all, I noticed that phone calls are interrupted during a conversation. It turns out that I even call from your phone can’t. If you’re still sitting on iOS 12.4.1, and stay there, but if I installed iOS 13, do not update further than iOS 13.1.1, “wrote the user Ned levy.

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If you, like Ned, are faced with spontaneous completions of calls to this problem to try to fix it. Of course, this is not an official method offered by Apple, and find someone of the users, but it’s still better than to suffer the problem and call back to the source, each time explaining that this is not you hang up the phone, and your smartphone decided it was time to end the conversation.

Interrupted by a call to iOS 13. What to do

  • Go to “Settings” and select “Basic”;
  • Then look for the tab “Reset” in which look for an option to “Reset network settings”;
  • Reset the network settings, but do not delete data from phone memory.

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It is said that after this simple manipulations smartphones running iOS 13.1.2 ceases to drop a call mid-conversation. However, there is no guarantee that the problem will not return as suddenly as he had appeared. And therefore, it is possible that from time to time you will have to repeat the procedure to reset network settings to have the opportunity to continue to talk as much as you want for you, not your smartphone. Anyway, until then, until Apple release iOS 13.2, where, most likely, will correct this bug.

How to downgrade from iOS 13

But with the disruption of Face ID, Bluetooth and a higher energy consumption, which leads to premature discharge, and overheating, to fight on their own is not recommended. In the end, traditional methods for correcting these problems does not yet exist, and attempts to revert to earlier versions of iOS that Apple has withdrawn a week earlier, can turn your device into a brick.

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