Users of Apple moving away from iPhones in favor of Samsung

Decreased loyalty to the owners of phones iPhone of the Apple TV to its lowest level since 2011, which reflected positively on the company Samsung, according to do notstate a new.

Says the survey, conducted by the site (BankMyCell): the odds ratio of the iPhone has decreased by 15 percent compared to march of last year.

And replaces a few of the owners of devices iPhone their old phones for the iPhone a new.

The gathering (BankMyCell), which allows you to sell your phone user and upgrade to a new phone, the data of more than 38 thousand people replace their phones since October 2018 for tracking loyalty sign of Apple’s business during the upgrade cycle.

He said (BankMyCell): if loyal Samsung was the top, where the scroll 26 percent of people using devices (iPhone X) to the other brand.

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While 7.7 percent of the users (Galaxy S9) to the iPhone, while 92.3 percent of Android users are using Android phones.

It revealed that 18 percent of people who have had replacement operations in June of 2019 have moved phones from Apple to Samsung phones.

Using data from other companies to supplement the findings of the site (BankMyCell), he has said: if the loyalty of the iPhone at its lowest level since 2011, reaching 73 percent compared to the highest ever level which is 92 percent through 2017.

Earlier on Wednesday, noted the market research firm (Kantar) to devices operating system, iOS accounted for 36 percent of phone sales in the United States for the quarter ending in June 2019.

These numbers decreased by 2.4 percent compared with the same quarter last year, while sales of Android phones increased by 2.5 percent to reach 61 percent of total sales.

As reported by market research firm Gartner (Gartner) that shipments of phones experiencing the worst decline ever, estimated that global shipments will drop by $ 68 million devices this year.

مستخدمو آبل يبتعدون عن هواتف آيفون لصالح سامسونجUsers of Apple moving away from iPhones in favor of Samsung

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