Users of Instagram are now able to send a range of private via direct messages


The Instagram to bring posters of the referendum to the story in the month of October last year, she added similar features over the past few months. Provide network Instagram is now a slider Emoji stickers level. He can post Polls, made public only in the past, but the service owned by Facebook now allow you to send the questionnaires in particular through the feature of direct messages.

I’ve confirmed that Instagram users are now able to send the questionnaires privately in direct messages Direct Messages. They just need to improve their application to get the option of whether they want to watch everyone States or whether they want to just sent to a group of people, maybe even just one person.

If you are sending the questionnaire in a group conversation private, you’ll be able to all participants to display the result when they vote in real-time. It’s a wonderful addition to this feature which will make easy the democratization of the conversations within the groups instead of the need to publish a referendum involving all the followers on Instagram.

I started Instagram to issue this feature now, it may take a few days before release to everyone. Should users of Android and iOS updated their apps to make sure get this water once it reaches their area.



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