Users of older versions of macOS won’t be able anymore to access to follow Apple’s e-

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In a move puzzling to some extent, it seems that Apple has changed the requirements for access to her store on the internet by preventing users who are using versions of MacOS and Safari old to access it. Instead, you will received the error message telling them they are using ” an unsupported version of the browser “.

The discovery of this principle by the city to the Japanese Mac Otakara said that users will need to use MacOS Yosemite 10.10.5 or higher version and also browser Safari 10.1.2 or higher version if they wish to have access to the Apple App Store. This also means that if you are running older system MacOS Yosemite, you won’t be able to access the Apple Store website.

If you are wondering whether you can override it by using the browser of the third party, it seems he won’t be able to do this because the versions are compatible with system MacOS Yosemite from the browsers Google Chrome and Firefox already outdated, which means that users will need to upgrade to later versions of the system MacOS, as macOS Mojave. It remains unclear what is the reason that prompted Apple to do this changes, but as expected the site Apple Insider, it may be the reason for this is that the company want to make your shopping experience as safe as possible.

Because having the latest software means having the latest security and privacy features, check Apple in to avoid any accidents, at least during shopping through its web site. As we have said, it is ridiculous because we believe that some clients who have computers Apple old may want to buy new computers through Apple’s website on the web, but they will know that they won’t be able to do that.


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